Water and Woods

North Idaho’s abundance of water and woods has helped shape a time honored craft and art form. “You definitely can’t think of the lakes without thinking of the boats,” says Andy Kerfoot.    Kerfoot is an Idaho native and for the past several decades has honed his craft restoring and refinishing classic wooden boats. Andy took… Read more »

Family Ties

Painter and Photographer Norm Nelson knows the Snake River Canyon and the birds of prey for which it’s known better than most.   Norm’s life story is woven into this landscape– a place his father loved and  helped permanently protect.  The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area is named for Norm’s… Read more »

Deep in the Wilds of Idaho

Photographer Greg Sims brought our crews along on an journey deep into the wilds of Idaho.   An adventure motorcyclist, Sims explores the Magruder Corridor for a segment that appears in Idaho the Movie 2, a documentary film about Idaho’s wild places.   The 101 mile long primitive road cuts between two of Idaho’s largest wilderness… Read more »

Sweet Songs of Home

After nearly a decade in the Northeast, musician Eilen Jewell recently returned to her home state of Idaho.  “It struck me as a really funny thing that I had to travel all around the world in order to have the perspective and realize that I started out in the place where I was supposed to… Read more »

Idaho the Movie 2 – Boise Premiere

Join us for the Premier of Idaho the Movie 2, sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and presented by Wide Eye Productions.   The screening is FREE and appropriate for all ages.  The film reveals timeless beauty in Idaho’s untouched places.   The event is a fundraiser for The Nature Conservancy and all Raffle proceeds will go to… Read more »

Idaho the Movie 2 – Kickstarter Kickoff

Wide Eye is pleased to announce the start of the filming season for our next independently-produced documentary, Idaho the Movie 2, to be released later this year. “What’s that?” you ask, “the same folks who brought us the Emmy Award-winning programs Idaho, the Movie and The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway, are at it again?” Yes,… Read more »