Editing The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway

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After more than a year of production we have finally reached the editing stage on the Rocky Mountain Fly Highway. It’s exciting to see all of the hard work come together, but there is much to be done to meet our November deadline. The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway will broadcast in 4th quarter of 2014 in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Northern California, and Alaska. Between now and then, our editors, Bill Krumm, and Kevin Eslinger, will work tirelessly to mold the footage into a 48 minute final piece for both broadcast and DVD. They’ll be working with nearly 5 terabytes of captured footage and editing using the Adobe Creative Suite.

Making a show on fly fishing has proved to be a great challenge due to the unpredictable and unforgiving nature of the sport. Behind each fish caught is hours spent often without a single bite. Bill and Kevin are now faced with an overwhelming amount of raw footage that must be sifted through and organized, but this is where the story begins to fall into place.

Celebrated local author, Tim Woodward, has paired with us again to write the script for The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway. On paper alone, Tim has brought a colorful narrative to life guiding audiences along Highway 20; stopping at each renowned blue ribbon fly fishing destination across Idaho. Along the way he introduces a wide range of unique characters all with the common passion for the art of fly fishing.

The striking 4K footage, back by narration from acclaimed actor Tom Skerritt brings a tone bordering on magical to the entire piece.   And it’s here, in the editing phase, where that magic comes to life on screen.  We finally see how all of the subjects’ stories intertwine as emotion is added to the imagery.   Here goes for the next several weeks in the editing bays! There’s a final cut just around the corner…

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  1. Mike Sampson

    Just watched your film on tv, great fantastic job. I have fished most of these waters. Thank you and Happy Holidays.


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