I am pleased to announce, our baby is back! She never really left us but has been sitting idle on the gear shelf for a couple of years gathering dust. With the crazy advent of the DSLR movement, we just couldn’t use her anymore with the smaller cameras. That is, until now.  We found a way to adapt her onto our Sony FS7 super 35 4K camera. Oh how happy we are to finally have an ENG style zoom lens that shoots wide and long, but still maintains that “shallow” look so many of our clients want.  It’s an “all-a-round” lens that looks beautiful!  At 2x extender, we have a range of 15.2 – 274mm.  With 4K footage edited in a 1080 timeline, that gives us roughly triple that length – holy cow! And, we can still use all of our prime canon glass if need be – diversity is a beautiful thing.  Welcome back, baby – Tom, Kevin & Bill missed you!!!

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