Idaho the Movie 2 – Kickstarter Kickoff

April 19th, 2016 By Susie Koether Documentary Production, Featured, Idaho Video Production, Television Production | No Comments

Wide Eye is pleased to announce the start of the filming season for our next independently-produced documentary, Idaho the Movie 2, to be released later this year.

“What’s that?” you ask, “the same folks who brought us the Emmy Award-winning programs Idaho, the Movie and The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway, are at it again?” Yes, we are!  We were so surprised to find out just how much the viewers loved our previous films and how they shared with us their interest in seeing more of the beauty this state has to offer, that there was only one thing we could do!

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Idaho the Movie 2 is in production! The film is scheduled to release this December, 2016

So for the last year, we’ve been taking notes, making lists, running spreadsheets, acquiring the right gear, looking for sponsors, reviewing maps and saving our pennies in order to find the best formula and features to bring you, Idaho the Movie 2.  We’ll travel to every region of the state to pull together stories and images that will leave you wanting to pack a bag and venture out to see it for yourself.

From the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge on the Canadian boarder and the many lakes up North, to the Magruder Corridor Wilderness Road which runs through Central Idaho, to the Shoofly Oolite Lakebed in the Owyhee Desert and on over to the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge in South East, and just about everywhere in between.  Our crews will criss-cross this state, taking our gear into the nooks and crannies to capture the outdoor features so many of us rarely get to experience.

But what makes this production more challenging is the desire to explore from above, the many spectacular mountain peaks which sprinkle this state. Being able to see the Selkirks, Sawtooths and the mountaintops of the dramatic Boulder White Clouds from a perch high-above would be the showcase of this film. In order to soar above the rugged ridgelines and expansive terrain to bring you stunning visuals, we’ll need some help.

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Now that’s how you do it!

Today we’re launching our very first Kickstarter campaign in hopes of finding financial support to fund the right technology and specialty vehicle for capturing aerial footage.  We won’t spell out the details here.  Please check out this link to find out more about our Kickstarter and filming with helicopters for Idaho the Movie 2:

Idaho the Movie 2 – Kickstarter Campaign

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