Wildlife of the West + Idaho, the Movie Broadcasts

December 3rd, 2013 By Jennifer Isenhart Documentary Production, Featured, Television Production | No Comments

The brand new film, “Wildlife of the West” is slated for a series of television broadcasts.   Television stations across Idaho and Utah will premier the film this month, along with a special series of holiday broadcasts for Idaho, the Movie.   View the complete listing of broadcast dates and times:

KTVB/KTFT Television, Boise & Twin Falls, Idaho markets

  • Dec 6 Fri (Idaho the Movie)  7-8p
  • Dec 7 Sat (Wildlife)  630-7p

KTVB’s digital channel, 24/7 – Boise & Twin Falls, Idaho markets:

  • Dec 9 Mon (Idaho the Movie)  7-8p
  • Dec 11Wed (Idaho the Movie) 7-8p
  • Dec 12 Thu (Wildlife) 7-730p
  • Dec 13 Fri (Idaho the Movie) 7-8p
  • Dec 16 Mon (Wildlife) 7-730p
  • Dec 17 Tue (Idaho the Movie) 7-8p
  • Dec 18 Wed (Wildlife) 7-730p
  • Dec 19 Thu (Wildlife) 7-730p

KIFI – Idaho Falls & Pocatello, Idaho:

  • Dec 1st Sun (Wildlife of the West) 1:30pm

OIFI – Idaho Falls & Pocatello, Idaho:

  • Nov 28th Thu (Idaho, the Movie) 9-10p
  • Nov 30th Sat (Wildlife of the West) 4:30-5p
  • Dec 1st Sun (Wildlife of the West) 4:30-5p

KIDK – Idaho Falls & Pocatello, Idaho:

  • Nov 30th Sat (Idaho, the Movie) 10-11am

KXPI – Idaho Falls & Pocatello, Idaho:

  • Nov 30th Sat (Idaho, the Movie) 12-1pm
  • Nov 30th, Sat (Wildlife of the West) 11am-12pm

KNYU “My Utah TV” – Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • Nov 29th Fri (Idaho, the Movie) 7-8pm
  • Dec 7th Sat (Idaho, the Movie) 6-7am
  • Dec 7th Sat (Wildlife of the West) 9:30-8am

KUTV – Salt Lake City,Utah:

    Dec 25th Wed (Wildlife of the West) 4:30-5amDec 25th Wed (Idaho, the Movie) 5-6am

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